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Share the Magic, Spark the Joy: With Your Personalized Santa Video Messages;

From the Most Authentic Santa South of the North Pole!©

Experience the magic of the season with our Personalized Santa Messages! This extraordinary and tailored gift isn't just a one-time delight—it's a cherished keepsake that will be shared and revisited as the festive excitement of the Christmas Season unfolds!

And guess what? It's not just for the little ones! Imagine Santa delivering a personalized "shout out" to your hard-working company team or bringing a heartwarming smile to a cherished family member or friend. Oh, and did we mention it's the perfect way to pop the question to that special someone?


The best Santa I have ever witnessed. Your manner, speech, obviously your Santa suit, and your comments were wonderful, so kind, appropriate and amusing. Thank you for sharing your gifts and blessings to all the children, parents and staff. - M.B.

When you place an order, Santa himself will send a delightful questionnaire, ensuring your Virtual Santa Message is uniquely crafted for its recipient. It's not just a message; it's a personalized experience, making them feel truly special.

Get ready for the joyous surprise—Santa's heartwarming videos will be delivered straight to your email inbox, spreading holiday cheer like never before! Don't miss out on making this Christmas unforgettable!

Decorative Ornaments

Dash away, dash away, dash away all
to this

one-of-a-kind opportunity!

This is as important as checking the naughty & nice list! Please take a moment to give the following information a jolly read!

Deadlines for submissions:

All payments and questionnaires must be completed and delivered to Santa by:

Midnight - December 18th.

No exceptions - Santa is a stickler for deadlines and keeps a tight reigns on his schedule.

The videos will be delivered via email to recipients

by December 23rd

at the latest.

Receive your personalized videos through an exclusive private YouTube link crafted just for you! Anticipate delivery by December 23rd or even sooner. Please be aware that it won't be delivered immediately upon purchase. Crafting the magic takes a bit of time – from filming to editing, we're working hard to create a magical experience just for you. Your understanding and patience are truly appreciated, and rest assured, we'll get that enchanting video to you as swiftly as the elves can make it! Thank you for your festive patience!

Holiday Presents

Thank you Santa! I just allowed them to see the video. Know, Santa, that you have placed beautiful smiles on their precious little faces and you should have seen the excitement on Ben's face when you said Ben is indeed 6 and Cade as well when you said he is one of the best little boys I ever did see. GOD BLESS YOU Santa you are a WONDERFUL SOUL! HUGE HUGS of thanks from me to you. Both Cade and Ben smiled and said Gram please tell Santa we love him too. THANK YOU for letting two little hearts shine. - V.G.

Santa Freebies
Green and Red Balls Christmas Wish List.jpg

Dear Parents, empower your children to share their heartfelt Christmas desires with "Santa"! Snag your complimentary printable Christmas Wishlist by simply clicking on the image of the list. Let the joyous anticipation begin!

Wrapped Gift Boxes

You are the REAL Santa! The most awesome Santa ever! The best Father Christmas I have ever seen!!​ You have a huge heart and you have my gratitude for bringing such joy to my children! I was watching the kids as they watched the video and I teared up because of the genuine joy and wonder in the children's eyes! They keep asking to watch it! A smile is upon my face, and a glow in my heart! Kudos Santa & thank you - you outdid yourself! Merry Christmas! - J.P.

Grab your complimentary printable Santa snapshot—perfect for gifting or adorning your home. Simply click on the image and embrace the festive spirit!

Copy of Wish List (1).jpg
Holly Plant

Everyone's Favorite
Santa Claus!

Secure your spot on Santa's nice list by placing your order today!

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Santa Orde
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