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Imagine living your life free & full of possibilities like these amazing people just like you.

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Overall Satisfaction: 5★★★★★

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Dr. Tracy Riley

"Mark is absolutely one of the best people I have ever worked with. Not just his kind demeanor, but his integrity and professionalism is second to none. I'm thrilled at the work he does and I am a better person for having worked with him. Highly recommended!"



Marcia B.

"Mark is wonderful to work with! He is creative in coming up with solutions for his clients and he is kind, compassionate and professional. He has a great sense of humor that puts everyone at ease, and he is passionate about helping his clients."



Andrew W.

"I had a series of issues including anxiety attacks, insomnia, and even muscle pain that was totally resolved after my sessions with this amazing person! Mark pours his heart into everything he does! I mean it, if you are experiencing any issues, do not delay in contacting him for hypnotherapy services. The sessions were very powerfully restorative from the relaxation I experienced. I felt renewed and ready to conquer after each one. I waited a month to write this review after completing my series of 5 sessions with Mark to make sure the changes lasted, and they definitely have. I am so very grateful to have experienced these results, and Mark can do these from the comfort of your own home so there's really no excuse to get in touch now. If you feel like you need help, and you are seeing this, no more excuses, contact him!"

Smiling Woman


Lori R.

"What can I say about Hypnosis? Just do it. I was nervous and sort of skeptical going into it, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Best decision I've ever made and I'd do it over 100 times! Don't think, don't stress, don't worry - just go! You can thank yourself & Mark D. Lakowske later!"



Jenna V.W.

"So this is on my heart to write. It feels like I'm cleaning my emotional closet of the past.  I love it.  There is an element of drain to this process but I feel the aftermath is quite positive and true growth comes from doing this. It's  also is a sign of growth with the work we've done.  Once again, I'm in awe of your magic and so blessed I am reaping the rewards."



Diana P. 

"Hello Mark, Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am extremely grateful for your counseling and wisdom. Your Hypnotherapy sessions have helped me be a better person and to understand myself and life on a deeper level. I thank GOD for guiding me to you."

Woman in Grey Suit


Rachel P. 

"I have suffered from anxiety and depression through out various times of my life. I sought countless ways to cope trying medication and counseling, but eventually I felt I was right back at where I started - STUCK. Mark is extremely brilliant and has helped me overcome my fears, anxiety, depression, hurt, and internal weaknesses. Even through COVID we were able to continue our sessions over the phone. I was skeptical, but Hypnotherapy is working and I am finally able stop using medications to solve my problems. I look at life differently now, I am strong, confident and
HAPPY! I couldn’t have accomplished this without Mark’s program. Mark is professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and has 100% changed my outlook so I can love, grow and live a Brand-New Life. I highly recommend you reach out to Mark of Healing Artistry Therapies if you are “STUCK” somewhere in your life. You will not regret this process and most likely forever change your life for the better too."

Woman's Portrait


Jill T. 

"I'm living proof remote hypnosis works! I can't say enough about the benefits of hypnosis and Mark. He's a GREAT Hypnotherapist!"

Man with Tattoo


Brad M.

"Hypnosis, Just do it! Period."

Happy Woman


Tami M.

"If you're struggling and have tried other things that haven't helped what have you got to lose? The answer is nothing, but more importantly you could have everything to gain."

Woman in Suit


Connie E.

"I feel so positive about deciding to do hypnotherapy. There is only good that comes from this process. Things are explained so simply and I now recognize when something speaks against my core values. Understanding this concept, I feel I can step back and evaluate when I feel "in the pit or in contradiction of my core values". I'm not beating myself up about the things I've done in the past. I have a better understanding of myself and emotions and actions and I'm progressing in the right direction. Biggest change -- I feel hopeful not hopeless. I feel empowered by this. My perspective(s) have changed, I feel very excited about that and my future. Thank you Mark" 

Mature Woman


Page P.

"Thanks Mark.  I wanted to mention that I feel finding you was a “God thing”.  I remember being in your office for the first time during our discovery session and seeing a crucifix on the wall. That was a “ah ha” moment.  It was important to me in my search for help to find someone who was spiritual in some way.  I’m so happy we were connected, you have changed so much for me and… and my family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Business Woman


Margo G. 

"I was a skeptic at first . . . but that changed real quick! I experienced it. Hypnosis & Coaching has been life changing! So fast, so easy and powerfully profound. It was just amazing and so relaxing -- like a massage for your mind! It allows me to relax and release the excess in order to get to the root. I've never been able to do that with anything else I've tried . . . and lord knows I've tried it all over the years. 100% recommend!"

Portrait of Senior Man


Dr. Joe

"Mark D. Lakowske is a brilliant Hypnotherapist, whose since of humor and joy to be serving others comes through in everything he does. Speaker, teacher, hypnotherapist, coach, guide, and all-round magnificent human being. Mark will be seen as a force for personal transformation in the upcoming years."

Man Smiling


Guy B.

"Hypnosis is like a nice deep day dream that you can sit up and get out of if you wanted to, but it's SO relaxing you don't want to. Hypnosis and working with Mark was the best thing I ever did to get through anxiety. No more panic attacks and I've never been happier! I feel like I can do anything! Just get over yourself and invest in your future and do it like yesterday. You won't regret it, trust me!"

Senior Male Doctor


Geoffery M.

"I don't have to live in fear. I can get myself out and i have. I 've lived with this nagging anxiety and fear for almost my entire life. It was just there . . . in the back of my mind and I never knew when the shoe was going to drop. I could be having the best day, doing what ever and then out of no where, I was hit with anxiety and I just had to ride it out. So weird and I hated it. I tried all kinds of things, the usual things, you know, talking it out, I took some medications that were suggested, but that feeling would still hit me out of the blue. I googled hypnosis, just out of curiosity really; and I have to say I was skeptical at first and I did my research. I read article after article about the science behind hypnosis. After talking to Mark I could tell he had a real passion for hypnosis, but more than that I could tell he really cared for people. He's so knowledgeable, but down to earth and laid out a plan that worked for me that was simple and fast. I love that. Working with Mark feels like a cooperation, he truly is in this with you and for you. I've accomplished my goals and I'm at peace with myself! I let it go, I learned from it and I let it go . . . and it was like, gone in almost a snap of a finger! I can't believe how much I learned and how incredible I feel! It's just amazing what Mark has helped me to do. I would absolutely 100% recommend working with Mark. It was the best thing I could have done for myself!"



Vicki E.

"This guy, right here!!! He's helped me more than I can ever say!!! He'll work with you online, had a session today and I'm thankful for every second of it. Thank you Mark!! I FEEL BETTER!!! It was such an amazing session. Well, they all are, but this one was SUPER DUPER special!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm really looking forward to our next session."

woman 6


Karry R.

"I used hypnosis for anxiety and it was great! It's not like the hypnosis they do for entertainment. You aren't out of control clucking like a chicken. It reminds me of guided meditation and you are fully awake and aware and it's very relaxing and refreshing!"

Cheerful Woman with Glasses


Kendra F. 

"I've been working on the things in me that have been holding me back over the last couple months. I'm fixing me and at this point I can finally say I am proud of where I am and the person I am today. Life hasn't been fair but I've learned to put the past where it needs to be and leave it there so that I can be present for my husband and my daughter and most of all for me. Thank you for help me to heal and love myself."

Elegant Older Woman


Dee C.

"Here I sit waiting for my appointment reflecting on how much Mark D. Lakowske has helped me in the worst time of my life. Mark has taught me so much. When I was in Italy I kept thinking about what he said; "If you don't try new things how do you know you wont like it or will fail"? I did so many firsts in three weeks time, I amazed myself! Example: I let little fish feed on my feet, I'm very ticklish, but I did it and had the softest feet ever! I got back home and people said that they could never have done that. So this is a huge thank you to Mark D. Lakowske."

Happy Man


Joe Z.

"You helped to give me a gift and it was an understanding of myself! For that I am so grateful! I can't thank you enough. I feel like I can do anything now!"

Male Doctor


Dr. C

"I was diagnosed with throat cancer at the age of 51 (the week after running a 10K), requiring a significant throat surgery, during which some of the muscles necessary for swallowing needed to be trimmed. I was then sent to radiation therapy, which entails lying flat on my back with my head pinned in exact place by a dense plastic mesh that allowed for basically no movement (they’re shooting lasers at you, they really don’t want you to move). Because I was no longer able to swallow consistently, and given a lifelong phobia of drowning to death in my own saliva, I was experiencing significant panic attacks about the process. In the weekend before my first treatment, I ingested 3000 calories a day and still lost weight because I was so keyed up.


I was seeking out any support I could find to provide me with skills to address the relentless fear I was feeling. In my search for hypnotherapists, I ran across Mark’s website, and contacted him about options. He was amazingly responsive and engaging (when others closer to home had not been) and had an amazing positivity that I hadn’t seen/felt/experienced since the diagnosis of cancer appeared in my life.  Once we figured out how we could time the sessions, he sent me materials to work on before we even got started, and some of those became part of my pre-treatment ritual. The imagery in his grounding exercise figured prominently in my getting through the first several treatments, proving to myself it was possible.


He was massively interactive and accommodating; my schedule changed weekly (we found out on Fridays what the next week’s schedule would look like) and he was able to work with me to rearrange plans each time. When I had to change an appointment last minute due to the unexpected death of my dog, he was unflinchingly supportive. He was a tremendously important part of making my radiation treatments successful. Last night I rang the bell to signify completion of my radiation treatments, and this morning I wrote this email to thank him profusely for all of his help.  He was fantastic!"



Deborah. P

"The past 8 months have changed my life! I’ve looked forward to every session and every session has been life changing for me. I’m happy with the results of all of this, but sad that this is the last session. I’ll miss our talks. Thank you for your guidance and care."

Woman Martial Arts Instructor



"This session was fun.  It really felt like it brought everything together and helped me realize how far I have come with your help.  Some of the stuff that I "got rid of" this session almost seemed trivial but was still necessary to have gone.  Small things that I have not seen due to the bigger issues standing in the way.  I am finding myself looking forward to every day and the future ahead of me and less and less focused on the past.  I've come to realize how right you were about things in the past just becoming stories that happened in my life because that's all they are, stories.  No matter how or why they happened they still did and there is nothing I can do to change them but to learn and grow from them.  Those stories helped make me who I am today and some helped me see who I don't want to be.  Some evils are necessary in the world but so are good things and how we react to them is what shows who we are.  I am so glad that I finally feel like I have control over my life and my future."

Woman Artist



"Happy Holidays to you Mark. I wanted let you know I am growing every day. On Nov, 28 2019 Thanksgiving day I celebrated one year of sobriety. The program reintroduced me to tools I already had and gave me more much needed information. I keep the pictures from our time of goals and Resources. I am so thankful you were there for me when I really needed guidance. I have gone over a month without purging and am feeling healthier all the time."


Margaret C.M.


"My coaching sessions at MDLHAT are very informative, relaxing and rejuvenating. Mark is sensitive, caring, loving, positive, thoughtful, interesting and interested. I am lucky he was learning what I'm needing. Now I'm learning from Mark! Mark is my permanent life (Yoda) Coach!

Confident Woman

Mary K.


"This Hypnosis of Mark's does something to me I can't explain. I feel more relaxed and my eating habits have changed. I don't think the same way about food. I only eat when I am hungry, before I ate just because. I LOVE this Hypnosis and when I don't do sessions I miss it. Thanks so much MDLHAT and Mark for changing my life."


Angie E.


"Simply put there is no other like Mark. He is honest, caring, compassionate and most importantly accurate. He truly has an abundance of gifts that have been given to him to help others."


Meta I.


"Intuitive, Insightful, Aware, Artistic spirit, Visionary, Gifted, Sensitive, Willing to be open and share are just a few words I can use to tell you about Mark!"

woman 5

Lucy H.


"This seminar was amazing! This information resonates with everyone, it's for everyone. It’s not some magical idea, this is real for everyday life and how to be the best you can be. The event at MDLHAT was amazing! Mark D. Lakowske is a genius!"


Becca G.


"You are a great Hypnotist, make sure to call Mark D. Lakowske he does a great job!"

Young Man

Vick S.