Hi, I'm Mark D. Lakowske,

the Hypnosis Cool Kid!

​When you experience anxiety, depression or fear it is not uncommon for some or all areas of your life to experience struggles, setbacks & roadblocks. The symptoms of these issues stop you from being as happy or living the way you want & deserve. My passion is to offer a healing solution to you that is easy, fast & effective. Many people say that what I provide is magic, but the truth is, ​I am simply reacquainting you with your own natural abilities to heal yourself. I believe within each of us we have all the resources needed to make the necessary adjustments in thoughts, feelings & behaviors that will create & lead to the outcomes & life that you desire. 


My educational background includes intensive training starting in 2012 with The Meta Institute & The International School of Therapeutic Coaching & Clinical Hypnosis. I graduated in 2014 & my certifications include:

  • Certified Therapeutic Coach®

  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist®

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • NLP is an approach to communication, language patterning, personal development, & psychotherapy.

    • It was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ 

    • HNLP™ is an advanced branch of NLP.

    • HNLP™ creatively integrates quantum physics, modern neuroscience, hypnosis, accelerated learning, spirituality, and common sense. 

    • It was developed by John Overdorf and Julie Silvershorn. 

Following this in-depth education I earned my certification as a Master Consulting Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) & the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF). I am a registered member of both of these national / international organizations

I’ve completed Advanced Time Line Therapy training with The Ultimate Hypnotherapist System & have gained expert business practices with the 15 Steps to Hypnotherapy Business Success Program. I have done course work through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) and various yearly training sessions at national & international conferences where I am participant & presenter. I also run my own workshops across the globe where I teach other healthcare professionals techniques & business practices that I use in my own company.


NOTE: As much as I would love to be a Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Therapist I am not any of those things. I'm a HYPNOTIST!

  • Founder of MDLHAT

  • Certified Consulting Master Hypnotist

  • Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Member of the International Hypnosis Federation

  • Certified Therapeutic Coach

  • Certified Practitioner of Nero-Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

  • International Speaker / Trainer

  • International Practitioner Consultant

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Spiritual Intuitive

  • Ordained Minister

  • Trainer of "The Awareness & Resolution Process"

  • Author - "The 5 Keys To Unlock Confidence For Teens Who Are Feeling Bullied"

  • Author - "Setting Your Goals For Your Great Future"

  • Author - "The 5 Keys To Confidence For The Teen Who Is Feeling Bullied"

  • Author - "Tools 4 Transformation" 

  • Author - "The All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy" 

  • Author - "Hypnotic Ho'Oponopono"


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704 Sand Lake Road

Onalaska, Wisconsin


Email: marklakowske@mdlhealingartistry.com

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