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Relax Deeply

Your free no-obligation Discovery Call is an invaluable opportunity to discuss one on one directly with me!

Discussion includes:

  • The problem that is occurring.

  • The effects it's having on your life.

  • Your desired outcome & what you hope to accomplish.

  • What needs to fall into place for your success.

  • How you can easily make the changes you want to make and make them stick! 

Here is how to work with me:

1. Make the choice to have a better future.

2.​​ Book your free no-obligation call.

  • Simply click the button & choose the date & time that works best for you! 

  • Answer a few simple questions so I can get a quick "snap-shot" of what's been going on.

  • Hit submit and you're all booked! I will personally call you at your selected time slot for our chat together!

During the call my goal is to gain more insight into what you would like to achieve and accomplish out of working together. During our discussion we'll talk about the problem and how you would like to change things for the better! I'll answer any questions that you might have, go over my spicific approach of coaching/hypnosis and at the end of our roughly 30 minute visit if I feel like you are a good candidate for my program & we both feel like we'd be a good fit to work together; i'll go over the details of how we'll continue forward to make the changes you want to make! It's really much like chatting with an old friend!

When you work with me you will work with a proven process that will be tailored to your spicific needs that has helped all of my clients. 

Think about how incredible you'll feel when you tap into your resilience to become more content, happy and more than you ever imagined!

Wouldn’t you rather have a quick friendly chat with me to find out if this program is what you'd like to do to solve the problem . . .  rather than keep trying things that fall short & keep you stagnant in a life devoid of any hope of things getting truly better?

Smiling Senior Woman

"I can see now that there is no greater power than taking your life back, and being happy and content. This process did that for me." -- C.S.

Here's what to expect when working together:


Honest communication is key - Expect to have a standard way of communicating in & out of session. 


Questions will be asked - In all phases of working together there are many questions. The goal is to have a well-rounded understanding of the situation, needs/wants, and other aspects which will affect the plan and implementation.

Responsibility - Please understand that I am responsible for guiding you, coaching you, walking along side of you, offering a perspective, giving you what you need each step of the way for your success. I offer the structured system that has worked for thousands. Each person is 100% responsible for their own process & anything less than 100% is self-sabotage. In other words I will give you the blueprint & be with you every step of the way, but in order for the house you desire to be built, you have to be the one to pick up the tools & use them.

Integration resources - You will be provided with bonus integration tools, resources, audios, eBooks & more to help you unite what is processed subconsciously during session into your conscious awareness. These also provide you a resource when we are done working together. 


You matter - I don't see you as just a number or a face in the crowd. I really do see and get to know you! The full picture if you will. As such, a wholistic mind-body-spirit approach is essential to your success. I get to know you as a person, because I value genuine connection, trust & humanity. Positive good rapport is paramount to me.

Hypnosis conducted by a trained professional is considered successful, safe, complementary and alternative for most issues. However, hypnosis is not appropriate & should be avoided in people suffering from (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Severe mental illness

  • Extreme severe depression

  • Psychosis

  • Drug or alcohol problem

  • Extreme chronic pain that has not been investigated & diagnosed by a qualified doctor.

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Dissociative identity disorder

  • Hallucinations & delusions


At MDLHAT we do NOT work with any of the above and we also do not work with the issues of:

  • Weight loss

  • Smoking


Before you book your Discovery Call please know that I have very limited availability for calls. This means if you cancel we cannot reschedule the appointment, unless it was due to an emergency. My process is to ensure that my limited availability is for people who are ready for change.

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