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Most people that I work with come in with the same questions, so here are the answers to some of the most typical questions.


Q: How do you work with people?

A: I teach people how to take control of their lives by using a straight forward, down to earth and simple process. Along the way people gain tools and resources to help move themselves out of the struggles that aren’t serving them.


Q: Is this therapy?
A: No, this is NOT therapy. There is no "therapizing" you, we work with a combination of hypnosis, coaching and NLP / HNLP to help people easily make positive shifts to move forward within a very short period of time. Together we will rewrite a new story and literally rewire your brain to assist you towards your goals. The results? You Break Free from what has been holding you back and gain confidence within a very short period of time!


Q: Is Mark a Therapist?

A: Mark is NOT a Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst or Therapist. He is a Certified Therapeutic Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotist. As a Hypnotist he does not involve himself in treatment of or work with pathology as defined in the Diagnostic Service Manual-IV developed by the American Psychiatric Association. The Coaching & Hypnosis profession addresses itself as to the improvement of living style emotionally, spiritually and physically. Consulting Hypnotists do not “cure” illness but can help to increase comfort with illness and pain through stress management and post hypnotic suggestion. Hypnosis & Coaching is a practice that seeks to help clients determine and achieve personal goals. As a Hypnotist/Coach Mark does not diagnose or treat illness, disorders or diseases.

Q: Do you work with children or teens?

A: At Healing Artistry Therapies we only work with adults 25 years old and up. We have a network of professional hypnosis & coaching colleagues all over the world and would be happy to recommend them to you if you ask.


Q: I want to work with Mark to break free, but don't live locally. Is there a way we can still work together?

A: Absolutely! Mark has worked with people all over the world! It doesn't matter where you are, hypnosis works just the same! Many people from the tri-state area come to work with Mark one on one in person. Other people who live further out work with Mark virtually via the phone, face time and/or through Skype. 

Q: How long does each session in the program take?

A: The Break Free Discovery session is 30 minutes. Most sessions are anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes, give or take depending on what we need to accomplish during that particular session. Generally many people find that sessions tend to go faster and easier as we progress threw the program.

Q: What are the typical results?

A: Although results vary and no guarantee can be made about any particular result -- Most clients notice positive shifts from the very first session and each consecutive session we reinforce and work on other components with the issue at hand.

Q: Are people ever not successful?

A: Sure, some, but I can usually tell at the initial meeting and I don’t accept those clients into the program. Just like any change, a person must have a desire, an openness and a willingness to change. The more effort a person puts in the better the results they will get. For some clients the changes are instantaneous, for others the change requires a little more work. The only time clients are not successful is when they do not put in the necessary effort and utilize the techniques I teach them in the office and/or believe that change is possible for them. It’s like if someone buys a gym membership and doesn’t won't be very effective will it?

Q: Do you always do programs or do you ever do single sessions?

A: At Healing Artistry Therapies we don't believe in "magic pills" or "band-aid" approaches. We do things properly for your success. A "one & done" approach will make you feel relaxed & a bit better granted, but it will not help you in the long run by getting to the root. Anyone telling you they can help you in only one session just wants your money. Our programs are fast, effective and many of our clients hate to see them come to an end. After a client has completed their initial program they will be given the option for continuing "Peak Performance Options" which include a single session. 

Q: How much do your programs cost to Break Free from Anxiety, Depression or Fears?

A: As I'm sure you can appreciate every person is different with a different set of specific needs, as such we have different programs to suit those various needs.

In all honesty, as we don't yet have a complete picture of what is specifically going on for you and what you will be needing we are unable to accurately quote you until we speak further during your Discovery Session.

Q: How can I purchase this investment in myself?

A: Our programs are affordable for most people because we offer secure automated payment plans. 

Q: Does Insurance cover my Hypnosis & Coaching program?

A: Currently the field of Hypnosis is where Chiropractics used to be. We are in the process of working towards being able to accept insurance, but currently we can not accept it.

Q: What about the hypnosis part of things?

A: You probably already know that most people who use hypnosis are helped by it. Hypnosis Works and it is my hope that one day it will be the #1 go to for helping people across the globe! Aren’t you glad you found it!?

Hypnosis is a powerful & proven tool used to effectively help people in many areas of their lives. It’s not evil, scary or magic, it’s natural and it’s science. 

Q: During hypnosis am I “blacked-out” or like a zombie under mind control?

A: During hypnosis you are 100% in control. I can’t make you go into hypnosis if you don’t want to or allow me to assist you there. It's really a cooperation. If you don’t go into hypnosis though...why are you coming to work with a hypnotist? You aren’t “blacked out” You are aware of everything that is going on at all times. Most people feel like they are relaxing and just listening to me talk. You are very aware of the process.

Q: Will I be asleep?

A: Nope. Hypnosis looks like sleep because your eyes are closed and your very deeply relaxed but your actually in a state of laser focus and hyper awareness. In this state your blood pressure naturally goes down and your energy levels naturally go up. Fun fact! -- One hour in hypnosis is equal to having napped for 12 hours and most people feel great during and after!

Q: What if I get stuck or die while in trance? Or what if the Hypnotist dies?

A: You can NOT get "stuck" in hypnosis or die. It’s impossible. If I should croke, well you would simply open your eyes after not hearing my voice for about five minutes and I would hope you would call the Funeral Home to take care of me.

Q: Will I cluck like a chicken or do silly things or tell you my deep dark secrets?

A: Well there is NO therapeutic value in clucking like a chicken, so don't plan on that. People do those things on stage for a few reasons. 1. They know it’s for entertainment. 2. They agree and volunteer for it. 3. The people that get chosen to do those fun things would probably do those things with our without hypnosis any way. The truth is you will not do or say anything that goes against your core values and beliefs. You are protected from that.

Q: What is Hypnosis any way?

A: Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state of mind that you go in and out of numerous times a day. For example, have you ever been in your car driving and one minute you are present, and the next you have driven somewhere you had not planned? You can’t really recall how you got there? Have you every daydreamed? That is trance. How about reacted to something you saw on t.v. that made you laugh, cry or get angry. You are responding to suggestion. The moment before you drift into sleep at night and right before you wake up your in hypnosis. It’s something we all do each and every day many times.

The unconscious or subconscious mind as many people know it, is where your memories, feelings and beliefs reside. It is the driving force in who you are and what you do. In order to release what is holding you back and facilitate the changes you desire, you will see the greatest success by directly accessing your unconscious mind. In our sessions together we will figure out what you truly want and then speak directly to your unconscious mind to achieve it! That’s why our work together works so well and so fast!

I hope this has answered some of the questions that you may have been thinking of!

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