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Exciting new books from Mark that are jam-packed with value for everyone!

A memoir of one woman's struggle & Strength during the 1950's polio epidemic.

The doctor kept saying “you're going to be alright, just hang on a little longer you're going to breathe easier in just a few minutes.” The portable was working like mad at my chest, but it wasn't making my breathing any easier. I fell into a deep sleep and was unconscious until the next day when they moved me into the ironlung. After a Spinal Tap on August the 2nd 1952, the doctors stated my case as Polio. This is my story.

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Heal, Transform, Release with Atonement, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Love

Based on the ancient practice of atonement, forgiveness, gratitude, love & magnified with NLP/HNLP & Hypnosis; this beautiful technique is used to enhance &/or release any attachment to unwanted habits, beliefs, behaviors or people at the subconscious & interpersonal level. It will allow your client to disconnect from how they have represented a person/thing/situation which no longer serves them & their life. Hypnotic Ho'Oponopono has become a must have technique for practitioners across the globe! Be one of the next outstanding practitioners who will learn this incredible process! All the Hypnosis Cool Kids are learning & using it with incredible results!

"Even though Mark teaches this process as Hypnotic Ho ‘Oponopono, it goes far beyond the traditional teachings of forgiveness. It is a simple yet layered process that can be suited to almost any client situation. I am happy to have added this process to my hypnotic toolkit and am also proud to be a “Hypnosis Cool Kid!”"
- Dan Candell - The Anxiety Relief Guy & Master Hypnotist

"I truly believe that practitioners at every level and stage of their career can strengthen their practice by learning this technique."
- Angela Ernst - Hypnotherapist & Therapeutic Practitioner

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The All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy

Unlocking the door to Understanding & Resolution.

The All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy is a step-by-step process that will help your client effectively breakdown problems quickly into easy to understand areas, while gaining perspective, awareness & resources for resolution. This approach works outstandingly with most people, but especially the analytical client. The All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy uses an N.L.P. based assessment method & lite trance to create powerful mindset shifts.

What you will learn:

  • The language of color and how it will give you clues to your client’s inner world.

  • The trick I use to shift a client out of the Sympathetic Nervous System & into their Parasympathetic Nervous System.

  • An easy way to help cascade your client into trance.

  • How to put your client at cause by showing them how to shift how they feel.

  • How to acquire the “personality profile” of the problem & their outcome.

  • The client’s internal & external resources.

  • How to assist your client in dissociating themselves from the problem and put it in their past.

  • How to help your client realize that nothing is really standing in their way.

  • How to zero in on key areas to find the golden key to unlock your client’s healing.

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