Discover a powerful way to give yourself the "Hypnotic Edge" when it comes to Mastering Your Money Mindset!!


Here are some common thoughts you may have around money:


I will never have enough money.

Money just burns a hole in my pocket, I can't save it.

I can't save money.

I'm just not good with money

My family has never been rich so I won't be either.

You want financial freedom.

The truth is, it's not the dollars and cents

that you have or don't have . . .

It's your mindset that keeps you ultimately broke.


Are you ready to unlock the vault to your financial freedom?



This program is designed to tap into your subconscious mind

to let you:


  • Rethink your financial fears!

  • Change how you relate to money!

  • Unlock your financial potential

  • Let you live a life of financial freedom!

  • Remove your rooted limiting beliefs!

Here is some of what is included in this program:

Five structured one-on-one live (virtual) sessions! These sessions help you overcome your money and success fears

Discover a new perspective that will allow those fears to shift & go!

Break free of your limiting beliefs around money

Choose a brand new way to think, feel, and behave towards what you desire for financial freedom.

A mindset that allows you to tap into your inner drive and ambition for financial freedom!

Gain new tools to maintain your new money mindset for the rest of your life.

Here are a few BONUS resources to help you create your new mindset on financial freedom!

You will receive these audio lessons

"Growing Your Money"- It will help you turn the corner on your relationship with money.

"Becoming an Opportunity Magnet" - shows you how to be open to more positive opportunities.

"Grounding and Rebalancing" -  helps you turn excess energy, tiredness, and "wonkiness" into positive resources, motivation & refocused vision!

"A Rainbow of Benefits" - Shows you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by using positive thinking to help you gain your financial freedom.

You will also receive the mindset shift tool  "21 Days to Abundance". This tool will help you create new neural-pathways in the brain.

How will your life be different?



  • Taking control of your thoughts and beliefs you have around money. 

  • Finally taking the dream vacation you always wanted.

  • Not worrying about paying bills.

  • The financial freedom to enjoy life.


You Want To Do This Program, Because You Want More Abundance To Flow Towards You!


$2699 is your full investment for your program and digital-bonus materials.

Register in full TODAY and save $1000!


Program is limited to 12 dedicated people. 

Just 7 Spots Left!



Registration ends & program closes

JUNE 11th at 11:59pm CST.

(Master Your Money Mindset is only offered once a year, register NOW!) 


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*This program's goal is to assist individuals in addressing & overcoming limiting beliefs, fears and blocks around abundance, success & prosperity. While many people achieve financial growth based on their own personal accomplishments; no guarantee can be made by Mark D. Lakowske's Healing Artistry Therapies - Hypnosis & Coaching about financial monetary gain or any particular result as they do vary.**