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This hypnosis test is not a scientific indicator of your personality type, nor is it necessarily an indicator of a therapeutic outcome. The hypnosis test will give you some idea of your level of suggestibility and likely depth of relaxation in hypnosis.

Moderately receptive to hypnosis. You are slightly more analytically focused, but on occasions you can employ your creative side. In some situations you can be spontaneous and “let yourself go”, but generally you prefer to be “in control”. Thus it can take some time for you to relax, but you do appreciate it once you have let your guard down. There is a tendency to over-think problems and their solutions, but once you have side-stepped your rational approach, the answer is usually accessible to you just below the surface of your mind.You have a great mind for hypnosis but may have some inhibitions about the process or the experience. When you have developed a strong rapport with the hypnotherapist and feel comfortable about letting yourself go, the treatment can help you achieve your full potential. If anything, hypnotherapy will add more control to your life, not take it away. A deeper state of relaxation may not be instant, but it is achievable with some practice (self-hypnosis). 

All hypnosis IS self-hypnosis and almost everybody can be "Formally Hypnotized". The key is you must want to be hypnotized and willing to be hypnotized. It's truly a cooperation. You will be hypnotizing yourself through your hypnotherapist's suggestions. This quiz is designed to help you understand not only the goals of hypnosis and what frame of mind you will be in; but also how suitable Hypnotherapy is for you as an effective modality.

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If you answered mostly "B" hypnosis maybe right for you! Schedule your 1:1 Discovery Call to determine the next step in your journey!

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