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Live Happier

Do you want to live happier now?

Many people do & they understand the importance of positive thoughts & emotions...but they can't seem to live it. Instead they are tied up inside and don't know how to truly unwind the stress & emotions to feel better now. They've tried it all and basically it makes sense...but they wonder why they can't move forward.

So, Is there a solution that doesn't involve years of expensive therapy or medications?

Absolutely YES!

Hi! I'm Mark and I'd like to share with you my simple step by step "How" that has worked for people when all else hasn't.

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Healing Artistry Therapies - Hypnosis & Coaching is a multiple-award-winning & internationally recognized alternative wellness company with a focus on a natural approach to mental well-being.

Lucas S. said this about his experience with working with Mark & using Hypnotherapy:

"This was better than any therapy session I’ve ever had. I have new insight into my mind. This is what I’ve been wanting all along! I'm so glad I'm doing this and already feel a big change!"

I wonder . . . if you've noticed that you've been going along with your life . . . and somehow along the way you've lost yourself.

Most people who work with me feel stuck in their own head, lost in low self-esteem & they know there’s a better life for them . . . but old thoughts & feelings keep holding them back;

but as Don E. G. said


"It just works! It's worked for me when nothing else really did . . . but you have to want it & be willing to do the work & work with it. Hypnosis isn't for everyone. Only those people who are ready for major change. I'm glad I was ready because this hypnotic process of Mark's has been a game changer in my life! I'm finally content & happy and I mean it."

When clients first come to work with me, they say that this is their last hope. By the time they finish their program, they tell me they wish they would have done this first!

Just like Vicki E. 

"Do it!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's soooo much better, quicker and effective than traditional therapy or meds!! Go for it!!"

To Get Started...

Work From Home

Step 1:

Are you a good candidate for hypnosis? Take the Quiz to find out if you are.

Friends in the Lake

Step 2:

Learn more about the process, what it is and what it is NOT.

Why Clinical Hypnosis?

You already have the inner wisdom needed to take control of your thoughts, conquer troubling triggers & choose how you want to feel.

If you're ready to become confident in your own abilities & create for yourself a life that has more optimism, fulfillment & happiness, then this process can spark & accelerate your potential.

A common fear people ask us about is:

"What happens if I do this and it doesn't work?"

The truth is, when your perspective and perception changes you can never unknow what you now have gained. You can't go back to the old problem in the same way!

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If You're Feeling Stuck Learn How Hypnosis & Coaching Can Work For YOU!!

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Listen to clients in their own words

to hear if this sounds like you. If it does, click the above button and let us help you find a bright new future.

(Video of real hypnosis clients who booked at Healing Artistry Therapies - Hypnosis & Coaching.)

"I had a series of issues including anxiety attacks, insomnia, and even muscle pain that was totally resolved after my sessions with this amazing person! Mark pours his heart into everything he does! I mean it, if you are experiencing any issues, do not delay in contacting him for hypnotherapy services. The sessions were very powerfully restorative from the relaxation I experienced. I felt renewed and ready to conquer after each one."

- Andrew W.

"Mark is absolutely one of the best people I have ever worked with. Not just his kind demeanor, but his integrity and professionalism is second to none. I'm thrilled at the work he does and I am a better person for having worked with him. Highly recommended!"

- Dr. Tracy Riley

“I am so glad that I took the leap into hypnotherapy. It is helping me build my confidence and I finally feel like I'm moving forward with my life . . . I remind myself daily that I have control over my life and my decisions and actions. I have the ability to control how I react to situations presented to me. I have the confidence to take what life throws at me and tackle it, but also to be brave and not be afraid to step into new things or accept New Opportunities offered to me. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping up. Really, thank you so much for all your help, I am so excited for the future. Thanks." 

- Lisa R. H. 

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There's Something Better Than Hope.

Imagine Breaking The Status Quo & Creating Exciting Positive Change In YOUR Life!

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