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Quiting Has Never Been Faster or Easier!
Group Zoom Smoking Cessation!

You may have thought it was impossible to be hypnotized on a device. But it happens all the time. Have you ever lost track of time while you’re checking your messages, playing a console game, or watching the latest TikToks? It is because we are hypnotized by TV, internet, news, movies and music that hypnosis works so well this way. The idea that you have to be in the same room with a hypnotist is a myth.  Because all they need is your ears, so you don’t even need to see them, and your mind will do the rest. Your mind. Your attention and your desire to stop smoking is key.

Girl Relaxing

Relax & Breathe Easier!

If you are ready to quit, this is the perfect time. The isolation has already narrowed your field of vision, whether you’re staring a TV, phone or computer screen. Hypnosis is merely intense focus, except you’re relaxed. The situation we’re in is a perfect excuse to focus on something healthy. Hypnosis can bring you to a point of readiness where you can look at cigarette and say “I don’t want you. I don’t need you. I am tired of you.” Once you are ready to say that, you are already a non-smoker. We just need to bring it into your unconscious level.

Hypnosis to stop smoking: does it work? When you stop smoking, What happens to your body from the time since the last cigarette?

The fact is most people who use hypnosis to stop smoking now find it works better and faster than any thing else they've tried!

✅ 90.6% Success Rate Using Hypnosis

✅ 87% Reported Abstinence Using Hypnosis


✅ 3 Times Effectiveness of Patch and 15 Times Willpower.

✅ More Effective Than Drug Interventions

✅ Hypnosis was deemed two times more effective than self-care methods, like reading self-help books or quitting cold turkey

✅ Hypnosis was twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy with nicotine gum

✅ Hypnosis was three times more effective than physician interventions that involved more than counseling

✅ 20 minutes: Blood pressure and heart rate return to normal.

✅ 12 hours: Carbon monoxide levels drop back to normal.

✅ 24 hours: The body starts to clear out the mucus build-up in the lungs.

✅ 72 hours: Breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase.

✅ 1 month: Appearance of the skin improves.

✅ 3 to 9 months: Lung function can improve by up to 10 per cent.

✅ 1 year: Risk of suffering from a heart attack falls to about half of that of a smoker.

✅ 10 years: Risk of developing lung cancer falls to about half of that of a smoker.

✅ 15 years: Risk of suffering heart attack falls to that of a non-smoker.


My Be a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker Program uses a blend of cutting-edge hypnosis & coaching & you'll get:

✅ A tried and true smoking cessation online zoom group session - to decide you are a successful kick-ass non-smoker!

(results vary but most people become non-smokers!)

✅ Follow up motivation, meditation audio, and daily hypnosis audio reinforcement-to begin living your life as a happy, healthy non-smoker

This program is only being offered TWO times: 



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