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The Most Authentic Santa South Of The North Pole!©

Santa understands that this year is still a bit different.

We all need to do our very best to keep each other safe & healthy.

Even Santa wears his mask when he's around the elves! 

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With that in mind, he’ll be keeping his distance during the holiday season and will NOT be making "in-person" visits.

(Don't worry, gifts will still be delivered under your tree.)

He’s setting aside time to film short

Personalized Santa Video Messages!

This unique and personalized gift is something that will be shared and re-watched as the excitement of the Christmas Season grows!

It’s not just for children! He'll create a special "Santa shout out" for your company team who’s worked hard throughout the year; or perhaps bring a smile to the face of a family member or friend or help you pop the question to a special loved one!

With every order, Santa will send a questionnaire with a few questions to personalize the Virtual Santa Message, and make it an extra special opportunity for the recipient to know that Santa is thinking of them!

Videos will be sent by email.

Decorative Ornaments

Dash away, dash away, dash away all
to this

one-of-a-kind opportunity!

Deadlines for submissions:


All payments and questionnaires must be completed and delivered to Santa by

Midnight - Saturday December 18th.

(No exceptions - Santa is a stickler for deadlines!)

Videos will be emailed to recipients no later than December 23rd.

Orders are now CLOSED!
Thank you to those who ordered.
Orders will open back up for Christmas 2022!

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Parents, Christmas Wishlists help ensure each child has the opportunity to tell "Santa" what they desire most for Christmas!

Download your free printable Christmas Wishlist!
Just click the picture of the list!

Who doesn't love a picture of Santa Claus?
Download your free printable
picture of Santa to give as a gift or keep for your home! Just click the picture!

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Holly Plant

Everyone's Favorite
Santa Claus!

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  • You are the real Santa! So very cool and talented! - Y.Z.

  • Mark D. Lakowske I think you are perfect! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of this thought and hard work you put into this! You have a huge ❤! My gratitude to Mark for creating the most awesome Santa ever is unending. I look at some of the pictures and tear up because of the genuine joy and wonder in the children's eyes! Kudos Mark; you outdid yourself! Merry Christmas! - M.E.L.

  • Truly - M.F.

  • Thank you Santa. I just allowed them to follow along as I read this to them and before they could ask who Mark D. Lakowske was I told them he was a helping friendly elf. Know Santa that you have placed beautiful smiles on their precious little faces and you should have seen the excitement on B's face when you said B is indeed 6 and C as well when you said he is one of the best little boys I ever did see. GOD BLESS YOU Santa you are a WONDERFUL SOUL! HUGE HUGS of thanks from I. Both C and B smiled and said Gram please tell Santa we love him too. THANK YOU for letting two little hearts shine. - V.G.

  • Excellent transformation, very interesting watching you pull this together. Definitely a greater appreciation of the work. You're a master! - D.A.

  • How many people can say that they know FOUR Santas, all of whom are very good at what they do and look absolutely STUNNNG!?!? I love the people I call my friends and all of the good they bring to others. - T.B.

  • Santa, these are amazing shots!! The costume is beautiful, and the attitude sparkles in every one! You are so very gifted! Enjoy the time, as others share in your magic! - S.T.

  • Such talent Mark, Love that Santa! - S.L.

  • You did a really amazing job all around Mark!! Stupendous!! - V.E.

  • Mark, You were an awesome Santa for the children on Monday - the best I have ever witnessed. Your manner, speech, obviously your Santa suit, and your comments were wonderful, so kind, appropriate and amusing. Thank you for sharing your gifts and blessings to all the children, parents and staff. - M.B.

  • You are the best Father Claus I have ever seen!! Great job Mark! - R.B.

  • A smile is upon my face, and a glow in my heart, Thank you Santa!

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