No Two Shows Are Ever The Same!

Lords and Ladies it is time to step into the fairytale of Master Ticktock’s “TYME Machine”! Where all is possible, dreams become reality and real mind-bending magic will happen before your very MIND!


Welcome to the most unique & wonderful experience at the Renaissance Festival! 

Master Ticktock is the only Hypnotist that does a completely Renaissance themed show and It will leave you wanting more!

Master Ticktock brings willing volunteers up from the audience and quickly hypnotizes them, transporting them back in time putting them into the story of

merry old England!

While there, they will use their imaginations to perform fun and outrageous acts that delight young and old!

This is a One-of-a-kind hypnotic experience that is Fun, Fast & Funny!

Fall under the spell of the Award Winning Character Performer whos quick wit, antics, and humor has left audiences speechless!



Value & Fun For The Whole Family!

At the end of every show, Master Ticktock incorporates a motivational message so that people can have the confidence to achieve their goals. This is a truly inspiring time for the volunteers that many other hypnotists leave out of their show.

People always leave Ticktock's T.Y.M.E Machine feeling good!


He does not promote embarrassment in his show, but he promotes fun, positivity and entertainment. As a certified hypnotherapist as well, he not just entertains, he teaches people about the power of the mind in a very fun and upbeat way.

His aim is to ensure a positive and uplifting experience for all!

Do you want to see something AMAZING!

Stair at the center of the spiral for 10-15 seconds. Then look at Master Ticktock's Face and watch it expand and grow larger!


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