This fantastic script will become a favorite of yours and your clients! 

Everywhere you look there is color and this script uses color to trigger and inhance spicific positive suggestions and benifits! Your clients will continually be gaining the value as they see the world arond them in a new way! 

You can use this script a few different ways and it does a few different things! You can use it as a full session! -- Clients LOVE it! You can use part of it as just a deepener. -- Don't worry I've included the abridged "deepener" version here for you too! It gives amazing suggestions for awesome positive benefits and also works with positive affirmations AND cleans, clears and realigns the chakras all at the same time! This will become a go to script!

-- I use it with all my clients many different ways and within other techniques all the time!


(No gaurntee can be made about a particulare result. Always consult your doctor. there are no returns, exchanges or refunds.)

The Rainbow of Motivation Hypnotherapy Script (full script & deepener)



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