Smoking has been an issue for your clients on many levels for a long time. It affects not only their health, but also the lives and health of their family, children and people they are around.

Maybe your clients have tried to quit before and nothing seems to kick the habit and addiction to the curb where it belongs! The truth is there is more than one addiction to smoking. -- There are six addictions.


1. Physical Nicotine Addiction

2. Habit and Association

3. Stress and Tension

4. Boredom and Frustration

5. Fatigue and Stimulation

6. Relaxation and Enjoyment



Most things don't work because they only address one of the six. When all six triggers are beat your client will be a KickAss Non-Smoker & that is what this script helps you to do for  your clilents!


(No gaurntee can be made about a particulare result. Always consult your doctor. there are no returns, exchanges or refunds.)

Be A Kickass Non-Smoker Hypnotherapy Script (full script)



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