Only $500.00

*10% Off when paid upfront& in Full. 

*Payment Plan Available.

"I can't believe I went from smoking 200+ cigarettes a week to zero! Mark's system of hypnosis and coaching really worked when everything else I tried failed! I can now breath again and enjoy life to the fullest with my wife and kids! I would recommend Mark to any one for any thing they needed help with." -Ben

6 Factors To Put Out For Good!

There is more than one factor that contributes to most people continuing

to smoke.

  1. Physical Nicotine Addiction

  2. Habit and Association

  3. Stress and Tension

  4. Boredom and Frustration

  5. Fatigue and Stimulation

  6. Relaxation and Enjoyment

Most things you've tried don't work because

they only address one of the six.

My program is designed to help you beat

all six triggers easily & effortlessly!

  • Although no guarantee can be made and results vary, most people find they leave the first session a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker right away!!

Not to mention . . .

Your Be a

kick-ass non-smoker

program includes

  • Hypnosis Session #1 

-Where we unlock the door to your success & bring you into alignment with

becoming a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker. 

  • Hypnosis Session #2  

-Where we rewind the problem & press play on your new life as a

Kick-Ass Non-Smoker. 

  • Hypnosis Session #3 

-Where we take you on the high road to your Kick-Ass Non-Smoking Success. 

  • Be A Kick-Ass Non-Smoker Hypnosis Audio 

  • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy Audio 

  • Tips for becoming & staying a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker for life! 

  • Tools 4 Transformation E-book! 

So I hear you saying . . .


I'm worried about my health, how long

does it take to book in?

Once approved most people don’t have to wait any

longer than two weeks to make an appointment

with us. However, because this is a limited time offer contact us sooner rather than later! Spots will go FAST! 


I don't live in Wisconsin, but I want to be a Kick-Ass Non-Smokers.

No worries! In person or virtual sessions available! Hypnosis works the same!

What is the cost of My Investment to My Health?

You're Either paying for the problem or you're paying for the solution, right!?

If you can buy cigarettes for one month you can afford to quit for good now,

can't you!?

An average smoker spends between $70 to $100+ per week. You will SAVE between $3,500 to $5,200 per year when you are a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker!

Imagine what you could do with that savings!


This package is normally $1,500.

However, the total cost for you to become a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker

is only $500.00.

Payment Options

Receive 10% off when you pay up front & in full, bringing your investment to

only $450.00 OR Choose the payment plan option which will allow you to make two installments of $250 + set up fee. 

(Credit Card Only. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds. Although no guarantee can be made and results vary, most people find they leave the first session a Kick-Ass Non-Smoker right away!!

Your Half Way There! 

Be one of the 10 people to become a Kick-ass Non-Smoker!!

Fill out the application Today!

We will contact you via e-mail soon after you submit your application to let you know if you've been chosen for the program! If selected for the program you will receive the  Kick-Ass Non-Smoker Agreement form, payment option & a personal email from Master Hypnotist Mark to schedule your sessions!


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