Dollar Notes


Discover the new way to give yourself the "Hypnotic Edge" to remove self doubt & limiting beliefs hidden in your subconscious that have blocked you from attaining the wealth & abundance you want . . . then use these powerful mindset shifts to awaken your prosperity potential & cash in on the flow of abundance

Have you ever had the following thoughts about money?

  • I will never have enough money.

  • Money is the root of all evil.

  • I don't know what I would do if I had plenty of money.

  • Money isn't that important.

  • I can't understand money.

  • Money just burns a hole in my pocket, I can't save it.

  • I have to be responsible for other people's money.

  • The rich get richer & the poor get poorer.

  • My money (growth or lack) represents something important about me.

  • I'm just not good with money.

  • I will not be able to earn money.

  • My family has never been rich so I won't be either.

  • There is something wrong with talking about money.

  • Money is a limited resource.

These kinds of thoughts will hold you back from financial freedom and gaining the prosperity & abundance you want.

What would your life be like if you knew that the money would  be there when you needed it?

Can you imagine having your bills on auto-pay & never having to worry if you had enough to cover things?

Would you be able to relax more or enjoy life more fully?

Would you be more outgoing and fun?

What if you just "knew" that for every dollar that was outgoing four more would replace it? 

What would it feel like to save more and have the abundance you desire to live a more fulfilled life? 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have more prosperity to put towards buying better memories?

Wherever you are in your monetary journey, I know you’re eager to live life in the flow & freedom of financial abundance. 

Unfortunately, there’s something holding you back from that flow.

Do you want to know a $ecret... 


Your Subconscious Mind is like a bank robber holding your ability for abundance hostage!


Often through childhood, we develop negative beliefs and ideas that influence our behavior and ability to manifest prosperity.

Trust me, I know what this is like . . . 

I love my Family, Grandparents & Parents, but they grew up in a time where they heard "You have to work hard for money.", "Money doesn't just grow on trees.", "Better save your pennies", "I bet it's expensive" or "Looks pricy". 

They "made do & mended" rather than buy new...It's just what you did then. 

Fixing what was broken, saving EVERYTHING and continuing to think & say things that were contrary to growing wealth continued to perpetuate a "lack" mindset generation after generation.


They are good people who mean well and truly mean nothing negative by their thoughts or comments . . . but growing up hearing these beliefs, I subconsciously took them on for years.  It's these types of beliefs that used to hold me back in the money game.

I wonder if you can relate?

I worked in low paying jobs & the money I made was gone faster than I made it. Savings . . . what savings? That was zero and every time I got ahead a little bit something would come along that drained my finances and I'd be back to square one all over again. 

I thought, "Is this how it's always going to be? Will I always be working way harder than everyone else . . . only to come up short changed?"

I hoped that wasn't true and I knew if I was going to succeed in business & life I had to crack the code on this. I knew deep down I could no longer be held back back.

Then I discovered $omething that changed everything...

Dollar Notes

The truth about money i$...

Money is really just

"Green Energy"

There is a cash of energy flowing towards you at all times; and it's your thoughts, beliefs & feelings that dam up the stream or free it up.

The day I realized that, everything changed! I stopped looking at the absence of money in my life and looked for it's existence.


The truth is whenever I needed it, some how, some way, money always tended to show up. 

I started to appreciate it and showed gratitude for what it did & could do for me. 

I thought about the beliefs I grew up hearing and knew they were contrary to what I wanted for my life. I knew I needed to flip the script on them and tell a new prosperity story.  

My real "ah-ha" moment came when I was talking to a colleague of mine from Australia. I had always wanted to see that country, but thought there was no way on this green Earth that I would ever be able to afford a trip like that. 

My shift started simple enough when I asked how much the flight was round trip. 


I was told the amount of the flights and I was shocked when I realized that I could afford that! Me . . . I could afford a round trip flight to Australia!? Who knew!? 

I thought only rich people could afford to go to Australia. I wasn't rich, but at that moment the door of possibility swung open!!

Following that, I started talking about Australia, looking up lodging, researching the sights to see and one day I found myself telling someone that I was going . . . the words just flew out of my mouth "I'm going to Australia." I said it . . . I felt it . . . I just KNEW it . . . I didn't know the "how", but I stuck to that story.

Dollar Notes

I started using self hypnosis to tell my $ubconscious that this was how it is going to be.

One day, out of the blue, another colleague of mine from Australia contacted me and invited me to use their facility to teach a course. Before I knew it I was booked to teach. Then another institute . . . and another found out that I was coming and asked if I'd teach at their respective schools . . . In less than a few months I had more then enough to fund my entire trip for a whole month in Australia & New Zealand.

I started to use this same mindset for other things in my life too...

  • I needed a new car and I wanted a specific one and at a certain price point.

    • Signed, sealed & delivered in a couple of days almost to the penny . . . it was actually less expensive that I thought!

  • I had to have an emergency surgery. My Mother was worried about how much it would cost. I kept saying "Don't worry about it, it will be taken care of." 

    • It was all taken care of and then some!

  • My rent was due and I was going to be short that month. 

    • I was unexpectedly gifted the exact amount by a stranger!

  • When I unexpectedly lost my job.

    • I was thrust into full time self employment and tripled my income in the first few months!

I discovered the power of my mind to work on my behalf. When the vault unlocked my mindset shifted, I let go of old thoughts & fears and tapped into the flow of abundance & it actually worked!!

Dollar Notes

I've hypnotized tens of thousand$ of people throughout my career...

I've worked with business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals &

every-day good people just like you who felt like something was holding them back from achieving more prosperity potential

& abundance actualization!!

If you want to live a life of abundance and unlock your prosperity potential, here's what you need to know: 

It's not the dollars and cents that you have or don't have it's the mindset of lack that keeps you stuck. Let me say that again...It's not the dollars and cents that you have or don't have it's the mindset of lack that keeps you stuck.

When you tap into your subconscious mind you can remove your rooted limiting beliefs & fears around financial abundance that has been  holding you back and you can install new programing so that those old limiting beliefs are powerless to hold you back.


This process is all about installing subconscious life changing beliefs and habits that open you to live in more abundance...even when you’re not hypnotized!


Mindset is the missing piece for for most people. Tapping into your subconscious can change your life.

That's why I created the


My goal with this program is to help you step into the stream of abundance  as their best self.

Right now, too many great people are stuck in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety.

2020 was a tough a year, no doubt about that. 

But in my wildest dreams...I couldn't fathom the amount of clients who we're once on top of the world...

Coming in to see me for help feeling like they hit rock bottom.

As I saw my TedX talk hit over 1.8 Million Views this year, I knew people we're looking for a solution to the chaos...

That's why I created this workshop, to remove limiting thoughts and beliefs while helping them step into their best selves in just 5 minutes a days.

With the hope that these people who were once stuck, will push far outside their comfort zones to spread their impact and live the life they were put on this earth to live!

On that note, here's exactly how Self Hypnosis Secrets works:

FIVE incredible structured one-on-one sessions

plus bonus resources for your success!!

Transforming the block of fear around money/success.

Without feeling or experiencing them, we will observe & learn from any fears surrounding money that have become roadblocks to financial success. We will gain a new perspective so those old blocks can start to shift and go.

Experiencing Abundance.

Experience the freedom of abundance. Knowing the “gold” will help you never again accept the “gravel”.

Creating the Abundance Identity

Step into the new abundance identity and aligning with that in all areas of your life.


A Rainbow of Benefits Audio

Full hypnosis audio using color to trigger positive thoughts, feelings & benefits.


Becoming an Opportunity Magnet Audio

Full hypnosis audio that allows you to attract more flow, more abundance & more opportunities to keep creating & growing.   

Changing the Limiting Beliefs around the self/money.

An amazing opportunity to look at the beliefs about the self & money that have held you back from achieving your financial goals so you can gain new understanding & choose a different choice & way you want to believe.

Aligning with the energy of abundance & flow.

Let go of your old lack of abundance identity & allows you to enhance and align with a new money mindset by allowing you to disconnect with what no longer serves you & connect with your resources & alignment with abundance.


Grounding Audio

Quick guided visualization to help get rid of excess energy, tiredness, “wonkiness” (especially if it isn’t yours) & re-balance and focus you with more positive energy.


Growing Your Money Audio

Money is just green energy. You have a relationship with it. That relationship may be working for you or against you. This full hypnosis audio is about turning the corner in regards to the relationship between you and money & allowing it to change for the better.


Abundance Mindset Shift Tool

Develop a new routine around the energy & story of abundance. Each day for 21 days your mind will use this tool to start to create new neural-pathways and flow around abundance. 

Dollar Notes


taking control of the thoughts & beliefs you have around money & abundance that have been holding you financially back and aligning your mindset & energy with prosperity!!


If you're ready for radical shifts in your mindset that opens the door of opportunity & potential for money to easily flow towards you than this is the secret strategy you need!!


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