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For a VERY LIMITED TIME in 2022 Healing Artistry Therapies - Hypnosis & Coaching will be offering the following exciting programs!!

Stage Mist


Grey Limbo

Let me help you free yourself from those cigarettes once and for all! ​

Stop Smoking the fast & natural way! 


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark.  

    •  Update the old out of date patterns & habbits of smoking! ​

    • Curb the cravings!

    • Clear out the underlying cause that has kept you smoking!

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy​

    • ​I Am A Non-Smoker Continued Success​

"This process helped me to think of smoking differently and I know that's what made the differene. I used to feel like like I was so addicted to cigarettes. One of the key things Mark helped me to understand was; while there is an addictive quality to cigarettes if I were 100% addicted I'd be smoking in my sleep...and I wasn't! Likewise while I was in hypnosis I didn't crave the cigarettes. I had never thought of it like this before. It was mind blowing to realize that being a non-smoker is actually what's natural for my mind and body and I only felt like I NEEDED to have a smoke because I had conditioned myself to think that I did! I'm so proud to say I went from smoking a carton of 200 cigarettes a week to zero! I can now breathe again and enjoy life to the fullest with my wife and kids! I would recommend Mark to anyone for anything they need help with. I AM a non-smoker and I'm never lighting up again. Best thing I've ever done!"

-- Ben

Get this program because, you want to live healthier now!

Treetop Snow


Woman in Grey Jacket
Grey Limbo

Do the grey days get you down or the dark make you want to crawl under the covers and stay there till it’s all over?  Does winter make you feel sad or unmotivated?

Break the status quo and give yourself the gift of peace of mind so you can enjoy yourself more this season!


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark.  

    • Gain a brand new perspective on the season while letting go of what isn’t serving you!

    • Boost your confidence & motivation!

    • Launch into your resiliance that will sustain you through the winter months and beyond!

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy​

    • The Island of Letting Go

​"Seriously I HATED winter. I'd start dreading it long before it even got here. I did meds & bought a SADD light, they were okay, but I still didn't deal well. Mark's Winter Blues Buster program was a game changer for me! While winter & I will never be best friends, I've learned not only to accept it, but also to appreciate it. I know this sounds weird, but I feel like each winter gets easier & better! Honestly life year round just seems to be better! I feel more motivated, centered & overall I think I'm happier too. Do yourself a favor and get this program & work with Mark!"

-- Lin

Get this program because, you want to feel better now!

Grey Limbo

Strengthen your mindset and build your resilience to the inevitable stress you must face in life. Train your mind to stay more balanced. 


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark. 

    • Tap into and anchor to your inner resilience & confidence!

    • Step into your circle of excellence!  

    • Train your mind to defult to thinking about things in the best solution based way more of the time!

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy​

    • The Power of I AM

"This was like a spa for my mind! I felt SO great after each session and the best part is, not only do I feel more relaxed throughout my day; but I also feel like I can handle those everyday stressors that pop up. I just know that it's all going to be okay!"

-- Elaine

Get this program because, you want to step into more resilience now!

Beach Fench


Girl Relaxing
Grey Limbo

Being a mother is one of the hardest yet fulfilling jobs and when coupled with a professional life, a working mom has a daunting task to fulfill. This leads to one of the biggest challenges to deal with --Guilt. This underlying guilt always makes the working mother put herself last in the scheme of things. This leads to burnout, resentment, fatigue and not being the best person let alone Mother you want to be.


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark. 

    • Examining what you believe about motherhood & uplevel those limiting beliefs & worry that have been holding you back!

    • Clear out the root cause of the guilt you've been experiencing & with new perspective see what's actually going right!

    • Be okay with putting yourself first, It's not selfish it's self-full! Fill YOUR cup up full so you'll have more (& better) to give to the people & things that matter the most to you!

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy

    • Reactivating Your Resilience

"I was brought up to believe that a Mom is just supposed to do it all. The reality is...It's unrealistic not to mention exhausiting & stressful! I decided to do this program becasue I was tired of feeling guilting for not living up to the “good mom” fantasy. I wanted to let that go and be okay with that. I wanted to take better care of myself and not feel bad about that. This process has helped me so much! I'm now okay with setting healthy boundaries with my family, there's more balance in my home because I feel more blanced inside & I really believe I'm doing the best that I can and that's more than enough. I encourage all moms out there who are feeling like I was to do this!"

-- Jess

Get this program because, you want to let go of mom guilt & be a better you!

Mom and a Child


Mother with her Child
Grey Limbo

Nothing hurts like the pain of a broken heart. Romantic love is a glorious thing, and when that love breaks down or is not reciprocated, it can be gut-wrenching. We can never erase a person or relationship, but we can heal from it and move forward. 


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark. 

    • Together let's successfully release the pain of loss and rejection

    • Give yourself strength & confidence when you see yourself & life through the eyes of true self love.

    • Begin to build a bright, positive future for yourself and step into that.

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy

    • Creating the New You

"My breakup was hard on me. It was out of the blue and I just couldn't move on. Part of me just wanted to forget about my ex, but I knew I could never forget. I also knew I coldn't stay stuck where I was. This process not only got me out of my funk, but I'm happier than I've ever been. I can now look back on that time in my life and I don't relive it or feel negatively. I see it now as a steep in my life. I've been able to keep the good, let go of the bad and most importnatly move on with my life. I'm now in a long term healthy relationship and I know I owe this reality to the work I did with Mark!"

-- Chris

Get this program because, you want to move forward now!

Heart Confetti


Heart Girl
Grey Limbo

There are many reasons why somone one would want to explore past lives. They might want to reconnect with past life experiences or understand why they feel a deep connection with certain places. Perhaps they want to explore past life and current Soulmate experiences. Some want to identify physical ailments they have, which may be remnants of past life experiences; while others want to know about unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which they've been unable to explain. Maybe they want to acknowledge and embrace key lessons learned through those lives. Or they could just be curious to know who you've been in a past life.  


  • 3 transformative remote sessions working 1:1 with  Master Hypnotherapist Mark. 

    • Gain a better sense of self. ​

    • Recieve messages from your higher self. 

    • Remember what you've forgotten about who you are and why it's importnat for your life now.

  • 2 Bonus audios 

    • Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy

    • The Book of the Mind

"I've always been interested in doing something like this and thought I'd do it just for fun. I was surprised though about how much I really learned and got out of it. I felt so in control while my awareness just went on its own adventure. So much of what I was able to discover really made me understand why I do some of the things I do now. I was also able to let go of some things that had been bothering me for a long time that I just didn't know why I ever felt like that. After my sessions I feel happier, more content and relaxed some how. I just feel more free to be me and live my life. 

-- Tim

Get this program because, you want a better connection to yourself now!

Arch Wall with Curtain



Each program is

limited to only FIVE dedicated people!! 

Claim your spot!!

Registration for programs end on March 1st 2022

or when programs are FULL!! 

Programs sell out quick!!

These programs will only be offered once this year!!

Now is the time!!

​When you complete your order you will receive an email from Mark's team within 24hrs. to schedule your program!!

(Make sure to check your spam.)

When you register TODAY you're going to get a HUGE DEAL!!

Each of these programs are valued at over $1000+ . . .

but you'll get them for $700 OFF!! You read that right!! SAVE $700!!

For a limited time each of these incredible programs are being offered for only $300 each!


  --  Price will go up at the end of January 2022.

  • You can choose to pay in full OR choose a low monthly payment plan of only $100/mo. 

Which program would you like to do? Time is running out!

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