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Hey, It's your Favorite
Hypnotist & Coach Mark!

Maybe the thought of getting an injection makes you squirm & nervous.

Perhaps going to the Doctor, Nurse or Dentist fills you with dread. 

Possibly this fear has stopped you from doing things that you know are good; like giving blood, getting your teeth fixed, having a needed surgery or getting the COVID 19 Vaccination. 

You're not alone in dealing with this fear, in fact, around one in ten people suffer from fear of injections. Many people are bothered by needles.


If the sight of a needle (or the mere thought) sets your heart racing with irrational fear, it’s time to do something about it.

You don't have to be stuck by needle anxiety & fear!!


I wonder what it would mean to you to be able to walk into your Doctors appointment feeling calm, confident & self-assured!


Imagine overcoming the fear of injections & making needles seem ordinary.

Studies show that we are born with only two real fears - the fear of loud noises & the fear of falling/being dropped. This means that all other fears are learned and they are typically learned in a matter of seconds, and therefore can be unlearned in most cases relatively quickly. The fear of injections resides in the subconscious mind and has its roots in our previous learning too.

As Hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind it is one of the very best ways to address the problem!

I will run a one-off, four-session live virtual group of my popular
Easily Eliminate Injection Fear Program!


During our hypnotic time together we will be using creative visualization, hypnotic suggestion, cutting-edge NLP and desensitization techniques that will give you every chance of success.


Let go of your fear of injections for good!
You can learn how to: 

Anchor yourself to a calm, relaxed & successful mindset that you can trigger when ever you desire that will give you the opportunity to step back & choose how you want to think/feel about a situation.

Tap into your natural ability & utilize hypnotic anesthesia to desensitize yourself to both the emotional & physical experience that was bothering you. 

View the problem as a detached observer in order to gain understanding and change how you participate in the old triggers or patterns; so a new & positive outcome can be experienced. 

Rewind the issue back to before you even had the problem & wear it out. Then launch yourself into your resources & an easier, happier future.

Plus you will also get incredible bonus support materials! 


+ Grounding & Rebalancing Your Energy Audio

A quick guided visualization to help you get rid of excess energy, worry, tiredness, "wonkiness" & re-balance and focus you with more positive energy.


+ The Island of Letting Go Audio

Full hypnosis audio for letting go of stress & anxious thoughts/feelings.


+ Havening Technique

Helps clear past mimicking experiences that are holding you in the fear.


Inject relaxation & empowerment

into your life the easy way! 

The sessions will take place in a live group via Zoom, enabling you to interact with all the other participants from the comfort & safety of your own home!

It is best if you are there with us live, but if for some reason you can not be, you can always watch & follow along on the replay that you'll get!

The dates for your calendar are:

*Thursday January 21st 2021
7.30PM (Central U.S. Time)

January 28th 2021

7.30PM (Central U.S. Time)

*Thursday February 4th 2021

7.30PM (Central U.S. Time)

*Thursday February 11th 2021

7.30PM (Central U.S. Time)


Numbers are limited, so grab your spot now!

This package is valued at $1,127.00.

Today - All four live sessions & the bonus audios - for only a small investment of $129!!

Booking is available only until midnight CST Wednesday January 13th 2021.

Be quick - there are only a few places left!

Let's start 2021 off right!
I'm looking forward to working with you!!

P.S. -- Bookings will be taken only until midnight CST Wednesday January 13th!
P.P.S. -- Numbers are limited!! Book your place. See you soon!


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