"I learned and gained more from one session with Mark than I did from years in therapy."

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The 3 Keys to Happiness

By: Mark D. Lakowske


    1st Key

        Something To Loose


In order to be happy you must lose or get rid of what is no longer serving you. Something always must be shed away or transformed. It’s almost like a butterfly. A butterfly must give up it’s old body, it’s old way of doing things, but in that sacrifice they have their beautiful transformation! Look at how much better a life they have with their new wings! Look at the world that opens up for them that was previously not a possibility for them to truly experience.


What do you need to lose? What is holding you back from your happiness? Sometimes when we give up something we gain so much more!


    2nd Key

        Something To Love


Let’s starts with the question “Do you love yourself enough to give yourself the best, that you deserve?” Do you? I hope you do. If you don’t love yourself how can you give yourself the happiness you deserve? It all starts with you. If you want something you have to give it to yourself first and become happy with it. For example if you want a relationship, start treating yourself as you would the person who you want to be in a relationship with. Do things with yourself, treat yourself, speak well of yourself. This raises that vibration of love and happiness and what you want can’t help but be attracted back to you! Love is a magnet. What you love is what makes you happy!


What can you start doing right now to experience or share love? What do you love?


3rd Key

Something To Look Forward To


When you aren’t moving forward you're either stuck or moving backwards. When it comes to love/happiness if you aren’t growing you're dying. You have to figure out what you want and move forward towards that. You don’t need to know all the steps of how to get there, you just need a small first step. The rest will take care of itself. It’s important to take notice of what is moving your forward and what is simply a distraction. If it’s not helping you to achieve your happiness than you need to cut it loose!  


Try this -- Take a piece of paper and draw two columns. The first column list everything that supports you getting your happiness. What activities, people, thoughts, feelings, music, resources etc. In the second column list everthing that is a distraction, everthing that would keep you right where your at currently or send you backwards. Anything from the second column is what isn’t serving you, You either need to change those things, avoid them or get rid of them all together.


Best of luck unlocking your happiness! I’m rooting for you!!

Hypnotist speaks at Sparta High School

Speaking at Sparta High School's Careers In Health/Alternative Health Care Classes about Hypnosis/Coaching, Focus, Intention and Thinking their way into their great futures!

5 Ways to Stop the Fight Against Stress!

Onalaska Hypnotherapist Says You Can Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life!



Are you feeling stuck and spinning your wheels in life? Maybe you feel broken? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help? Perhaps you want a solution that is natural? When it comes to moving forward do you need the HOW?

Clinical Hypnotherapist and life empowerment expert Mark D. Lakowske said hypnotherapy can effectively help people who are stressed and struggling gain new resources, direction and a clear plan of action!

“We all have problems that cause us stress that we worry over and fight against. These days stress has increased at a rapid rate. Why is it so important that you address, reduce or eliminate it from your life? According to the National Institute of Health, stress is the leading cause or contributor and accounts for 94% of all chronic illness, disease and pain. If we can reduce  stress, everything gets better. Those who come to see me typically fall into two broad categories. In the first category, people are generally happy with their life but have established some bad thoughts and habits over time, which they struggle to break. The second group is where people are in such a deep pit that they have trouble seeing a future that is better than what they are currently experiencing. These people really feel broken and have something that is occurring at a deeper level. No matter what they do to fix things nothing helps much. You have to work with the outcome not the problem. That is key! Working with the problem keeps you stuck in the problem. You have to get clear on what you want and then remove the root cause. The “side effects” such as pain or weight start to clear up. The rest naturally falls into place! That’s why hypnotherapy works so quickly and effectively and is so powerful.” said Mr. Lakowske.

“In fact, based on a comparative study from the American Health Magazine people who have used Hypnotherapy have a 93% recovery rate after an average of only 6 sessions. This is compared to Behavior Therapy that has a recovery rate of 72% after 22 sessions and Psychoanalysis that has a 38% recovery rate after 600 sessions.” he note.

“For example, I had a client who could barely speak without crying when I first started meeting with her. Now in her 50’s she had spent the better part of her life fighting extreme sadness and worry. Her Husband had to practically drag her out of bed most days. Her nerves were shot, her life was strained. She lost herself as her troubles took a front seat in her life.” Mark recalled.

He continued, “She had seen every kind of Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. She had been on medications too numerous to count and over the years even self-medicated till the point of numbness. As I have heard many times, I was her last hope. We began our work together and with the tools she gained, she started turning things around from day one. On her fifth session she came into my office looking like a new person.” he said.

“She was bubbly, excited, “I HAVE NEWS!” she exclaimed. “I just came from my appointments with my regular doctor and therapist.” She proceeded to tell me that her doctors routinely did a depression and anxiety assessment with her. It’s based on a scale that goes from 1-25, 1 being good, 25 being very bad. Prior to our work together, her score was 23 on average. After coming for Hypnotherapy and Coaching she was down to a 4! She kept smiling and saying “I can’t believe it! It’s truly amazing how good I feel!”


Mr. Lakowske went on to say “This client is no longer surviving, she is THRIVING! She was at the end of her rope and saw no hope. Now she lives life to the fullest! Nothing stops her and if she can do it, anyone can! She took action and not only healed from her crippling sadness and worry, but she also stopped smoking, lost weight, her marriage improved and her physical pain and fears resolved as well. As an added bonus she has even decreased and gotten off some of her medications.”

“Hypnotherapy is not a Band-Aid approach. We do it properly and we create permanent changes that will positively affect your life.”

“Hypnotherapy and coaching can give you the HOW to easily and quickly turn things around. Hypnotherapy can help shift the burden of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and anxiety to shift your experience of life to create more opportunities for you to have the best experiences you can where nothing is holding you back.” Mr. Lakowske stated.

It all starts and ends in your mind. Address the mindset and you can directly affect your struggle with stress! Stop, take a breath and use these 5 strategies that will help you during stressful moments:

1. Observe the situation!

Simply assess where you are at. Do this honestly and truthfully. Look at what is happening as logically and as factually as you can. Be objective and look at the facts. Eliminating bias will help you to see the situation more for what it truly is. Ask the question “What is going on?”

2. Check in with your emotions!

Yes you are stressed, but “stressed” is really a response to other feelings that you are having. What are those underlying emotions? Remember we are all entitled to our feelings. It’s important that we honor how we feel. In order to move forward we must acknowledge and honestly state how we feel to ourselves and others. Ask the question “What do I feel?”     “I feel______________because of________________”.

3. Figure out what your needing!  

When we are stressed it means that there is a void that needs to be filled that isn’t being satisfied. When we are stressed most people fill that hole with worry, frustration and agitation. For some of us, it gets filled with behaviors and substances that aren’t healthy. Like food, alcohol, drugs, sex, spending money. So what is it that you are really needing right now? Ask yourself “What do I need and how can I get it?”

4. Overcome your obstacles!

If you no longer had the stress that you don’t want and you only had what you do want from question 3 who or what would object to you having that? Are there obstacles or objections in your way to obtaining what you want? Could you be getting in your own way? Ask the questions;” What’s in my way?”, “What are my excuses?”, “How can I get past them?”

5. Time to take action!

This is your personal power! When you learn and do anything the way you move forward is to ask how. Ask HOW not WHY. Why keeps you suck. When you learn how to bake a cake do you learn it and do it by asking “WHY do I bake a cake?” or do you learn it and do it by asking “HOW do I bake a cake?” Take action. Don’t worry about doing it right, just do it. You can perfect things later. If you wait it won’t happen so take those bold action steps to change your life!  Ask yourself the questions, “What is my specific intention?”, “What will it take?”

“You CAN live a happy, healthy life with amazing benefits that will change your life. You only live once, so I encourage people to make a decision to transform their lives – or make an excuse and put up with another year of the same old life pain.” Mr. Lakowske said.


About Mark D. Lakowske

He is his own success story; by using the same proven coaching and hypnotherapy techniques that he assists clients with, Mark was able to move forward from a very challenging set of situations and can provide an empathetic understanding for his clients. He now teaches others how they can achieve success.

As a passionate and committed Hypnotherapist and Coach, Founder of Healing Artistry Therapies, Mark D. Lakowske has helped numerous people radically enhance their lives and motivate them through his renowned and groundbreaking Wellness Programs and workshops.


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