Fear is such a F-ing waste of time isn't it? I mean think of how it limits your activities & life...maybe you purposely avoid people, places, things or even yourself. Does coming into contact with (or even the thought of) the thing that causes you fear and anxiety a problem for you? You get one life and it's being wasted on F-ing fear! 

The little F-er of Fear does all kinds of nasty things.

  • Panic attacks

  • sweatingtremblinghot flushes or chills

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • a choking sensation

  • rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)

  • pain or tightness in the chest

  • a sensation of butterflies in the stomach

  • nauseaheadaches and dizzinessfeeling faintnumbness or pins and needles

  • dry mouth

  • a need to go to the toilet

  • ringing in your ears

  • confusion or disorientation

  • fear of losing control

  • feelings of dread

Does fear do any of that to you? What a little F-er!! No matter how much you tell yourself that XYZ isn’t life-threatening or a problem, our minds and bodies still react with fear and the symptoms. As bad as those symptoms are, fear itself is actually a very natural and healthy response we all have to danger. It’s a survival instinct designed to help us avoid and escape threatening situations. Think of it like this. Your brain is an alarm that detects fear and you are a building.

An alarm in a building deliberately rings loudly to annoy and force you to leave the building for safety. As we stand outside the alarm is kept on to keep people out and safe. Once the reason for the danger has been dealt with the alarm is then reset & turned off. You than can go back in the building and go about life. 

The intense fears that you've been experiencing and can't seem to shake are like an alarm that's been left on for 20 years and you never got out of the building. Not only

would it be awful staying in the building, but you would be unsafe if real danger came because you would be reacting to the false alarm all the time!

When it comes to fear, we are only born with two real fears...the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling...that’s it...all other fears have been learned. Learned fears continue to be problems in our lives because of the thoughts, feelings & tangle of symptoms that  have turned into habitual thought pattern that keep the fears intact & the alarm going strong! They exist in our subconscious and because they are learned responses they are particularly vulnerable to hypnosis.

Most things people have tried simply don't work because they are addressing the problem from a conscious level. Fear is a thinking problem created in your subconscious so we must have a subconscious solution! 

That's where HYPNOSIS comes in! It can set you free!


"I didn't know anything about what you do when I first came in. But I knew that this was my last attempt. I had been to several doctors and counselors and had medications. All they did was basically put a band aid on things, nothing helped.You were the only person who seemed to understand and listen. You were the only person to believe me that there really was a problem. More than that, though, you actually had a plan and a program. No one else had that. You were the only person who said to me "I know what you need to do to fix this problem and here's what we need to do" and you laid it all out step by step. It's been absolutely incredible! It's been so simple! The amazing thing is, like you said, I had all the tools and resources all along and I was able to do this for myself. I now have a strong foundation and I know that this absolutely 100% works! I'm a believer, I'm sold on coaching & hypnosis. I tell everyone that this works. I know that I'm going to want to continue with maintenance do you do that and can I continue coming back if or when I need to?"

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You probably already know that most people who use hypnosis are helped by it. 

My technique is built upon a blueprint of hypnosis, coaching, NLP & HNLP. Over that I lay a tailor made plan of action that is specific to you. During your program we will remove the "road blocks" that surround the fear, rewind the fear fast, unlearn the trigger and reset the response, ease away the associated subconscious symptoms. All the while enabling you to choose a different path and allow you to respond in a positive way. You will develop a more aware sense of self, more confidence and the ability to logically think through situations instead of just react to them. 

Trust this process, this process has worked for thousands of people world wide who easily make positive shifts to move forward within a very short period of time!


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