Let's face it, depression is a total downer of a Douchebag! Am I right!? Doesn't it feel like a parasite sucking your energy, motivation & joy!? That is total "BS"! It's YOUR life not depression's life! Depression has been calling the shots for WAY to long! 

It takes SO MUCH from you...but it also gives...not that you actually want what it gives.

  • Feeling helpless, hopeless, shame, guilt or worthlessness

  • Loss of interests

  • Increased fatigue and sleep problems

  • Increased anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Change in appetite or weight

  • Mood swings or uncontrollable emotions

  • Looking more towards death

  • Forced happiness

  • Loss of concentration, lack of focus, difficulties remembering, or making decisions

  • Disinterest in hobbies

  • Physical pains and health disorders

  • Being angry or irritable

  • Low sex drive

Are you experiencing any of that?  Think about how it stops you from being as happy or living the way you want! It robs you! 

I understand depression can be debilitating for many people. It will lie to you and try to hold you tight in it's grip...but if you are willing to see it for the little bastard it is & endeavor to uncover the truth that is under the lies it tells, you will be the victor in your life.


Our problems, including depression, are based in large-part on thoughts that we keep thinking through "dirty filters". It's like trying to get clear clean water out of a coffee filter that's been in the pot for a few years. 


In other words -- Our amazing subconscious minds hold our beliefs, emotions & memories. Everything we experience gets filtered through this repository of information. Most of the time, the subconscious is helpful...other times it's not. In the case of depression it holds a lot of unhelpful information in the negative filters. When life is filtered threw them they influence our moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings and voilà Depression and it's symptoms. 

Most things people have tried simply don't work because they are addressing the problem from a conscious level. Depression is a thinking problem created in your subconscious so we must have a subconscious solution! 

That's where HYPNOSIS comes in! It can set you free!


"For the first time in three years I feel hope. Thank you! I came Home with an amazing outlook for my future . . . my daughter's noticed it as soon as I walked in the door . . . I shared with them how excited I am to walk this journey and I believe it's already started. I saw excitement and hope in them too and that was an amazing feeling. I haven't allowed myself to have that in a long time. You have given me the courage to take back my empowerment and I cannot wait to continue my journey with you. I truly believe it takes being ready and finding that one soul that you feel a connection with . . . you are that soul Mark and I am thankful my path lead me to you! Have a great day!"

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Now the good news!! You probably already know that most people who use hypnosis are helped by it. My technique is built upon a blueprint of hypnosis, coaching, NLP & HNLP. Over that I lay a tailor made plan of action that is specific to you. During your program we will clean or replace the dirty / negative filters and train our subconscious mind to be more supportive, more helpful and a better friend. Specifically for depression, we will reprogram the subconscious to better manage and release many of the underlying causes of depression, like stress and worry, negative thinking patterns, bad habits, suppressed memories that negatively limit the mind or negative self-talk to name a few. At the same time we will improve our coping abilities, get in touch with past positive memories, and enhance the effectiveness for traditional depression treatments. 


Trust this process, this process has worked for thousands of people world wide who easily make positive shifts to move forward within a very short period of time!


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