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  • Are you tired of feeling panic creeping in?

  • Are most things in your life going well, but you still feel stuck?

  • Are you on a roller-coaster of thoughts and feelings that you just can't seem to shake?

Your map of how to cope is not showing you how to overcome anxiety. You need a map of how to get out of the woods and back on the highway of living life. 

I Am Passionate About Helping You Achieve Success! Here Are 4 Important Bits Of Information My Clients Have Learned:

1. My clients have learned to easily break down the problem into simple to manage and understand segments with a powerful process that will quickly give you insights, perspective, understanding and "ah-ha" moments.

2. Remove the "road blocks" that have been keeping you stuck.

3. Develop a more aware sense of self, more confidence and the ability to think & feel your way through situations instead of just react to them.

4. Jump start your progress that will have you saying "I never thought of it like that before" and leave you with a sense of hope.

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This is a process of giving you choice. 

When life is stressful it can make us feel worried, nervous or anxious.

It's actually normal in stressful situations to feel that way. 

In my view anxiety really isn't a bad thing, when it's appropriate, It's what alerts us to what we need to prepare for & can keep us safe.

For animals in the wild anxiety is a very important tool to keep them alert & alive.

Imagine a deer drinking at a pond . . . minding it's business, getting the nourishment it needs . . . then it hears a noise in the brush . . . It lifts it's head, looks around, tips it's ears to hear, it's anxiety has kicked in . . . the adrenalin & energy is there if it needs to flee . . . It observes there is no real danger . . . so it lowers it's head and goes back to drinking & living it's life. The worry has past & the anxiety turns off.

However, unlike animals, people have a harder time just turning it off because we keep thinking about it (usually subconsciously out of our conscious awareness. Which is why anxiety can feel like it comes out of the blue or we get a panic attack.) Thinking about it keeps it active. It's when these thoughts become excessive, all-consuming, and interfere with daily living that's when we encounter problems with anxiety.


In my opinion, anxiety is simply a thinking problem that steams from the fear of something going wrong in the future & being unprepared for itHaving anxiety about things is just a way of thinking about things. Anxiety isn't genetic (there's no blood test), No one is born anxious, It's something your subconscious mind learned how to do. It learned how to think about the "negative" thing that might happen. It learned how to think about the things we really hope will not happen. Those thoughts create feelings and those feelings create behaviors ie: problems.

Your subconscious mind can be taught how to think in a different way. This will allow you to find the best way to move towards positive solutions & what you actually want to have happen. When you take that control back, what is worried about will be less likely to happen and you will be more empowered to face, handle & overcome with confidence what was once holding you back!

3 Steps Towards Your Success

Step One >

The hypnosis process will swing the door wide open to your abilities to take back control of how you feel.

Step Two >>

You and I will work together every step of the way in this process to release what has been holding you back.

Step Three >>>

You will learn powerful hypnotic strategies and life strategies. Combining these will help you learn to take weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Schedule a free Discovery Call with me to learn how I can help you change anxiety into excitement!

Hear What Others Have To Say About How My Process Will Help You!

Successful Clients Say . . .

★  ★  ★  ★  ★


Jill T. 

"I'm living proof remote hypnosis works! I can't say enough about the benefits of hypnosis and Mark. He's a GREAT Hypnotherapist!"


Connie E.

"I feel so positive about deciding to do hypnotherapy. There is only good that comes from this process. Things are explained so simply and I now recognize when something speaks against my core values. Understanding this concept, I feel I can step back and evaluate when I feel "in the pit or in contradiction of my core values". I'm not beating myself up about the things I've done in the past. I have a better understanding of myself and emotions and actions and I'm progressing in the right direction. Biggest change -- I feel hopeful not hopeless. I feel empowered by this. My perspective(s) have changed, I feel very excited about that and my future. Thank you Mark" 

How is anxiety holding you back?

Are you comfortable continuing to allow yourself to hold you back?

Think about all you lose out on by not changing.


Margo G. 

"I was a skeptic at first . . . but that changed real quick! I experienced it. Hypnosis & Coaching has been life changing! So fast, so easy and powerfully profound. It was just amazing and so relaxing -- like a massage for your mind! It allows me to relax and release the excess in order to get to the root. I've never been able to do that with anything else I've tried . . . and lord knows I've tried it all over the years. 100% recommend!"


Karry R.

"I used hypnosis for anxiety and it was great! It's not like the hypnosis they do for entertainment. You aren't out of control clucking like a chicken. It reminds me of guided meditation and you are fully awake and aware and it's very relaxing and refreshing!"

You probably already know that most people who use hypnosis are helped by it. 


My trusted process is built upon a blueprint of hypnosis, coaching, NLP & HNLP which is overlaid with a tailor-made plan of action that is specific to you. 


Step one is easy: book your discovery session with me to discuss you and how hypnosis can help you achieve more out of life.

Schedule a free Discovery Call with me to learn how I can help you change anxiety into excitement!