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The 555 deal is an incredible offer to jump-start your wellness!

I've bundled for you my top 5 premium hypnosis audios & I'm making them available to just 5 people over the next 5 days only -- all for a ridiculously low price tag! 

1.     THE BOOK OF THE MIND - Stepping into your excellence!

You will easily relax into a special place within to find the book of the mind. In this album of life you will have the opportunity to review & rewrite the story of your life in a way that is BEST for YOU. Then you will step into your own excellence and play that out in your life to come! Great for people who want to feel empowered, motivated and more successful!


​A guided meditation to recenter you into your now moment and your own personal power. Amazing for people who are feeling anxious or worried recenter and be more mindful in the here and now!


​Thoughts become things. Ideas become reality. This hypnosis is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain the person to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Clinical hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and there is no desire to eat more. Outstanding for people to gain more control over their weight.


The mind is amazing at being able to heal. Think about it, When you get a cut on your finger the body naturally heals it. The mind can produce anesthesia and analgesia and deliver it to where it's needed. In this hypnosis you will learn how to access your own inner healing to sooth way aches and pains. Very comforting and beneficial for people with aches and pains. 


In this tropical paradise you can let go of your worries, fears and anxieties that will leave you totally relaxed and perfectly at ease with yourself, without a single care in the world. You will also train your subconscious mind to look at setbacks as opportunities & stepping stones towards your success.  

Instantly gain access to all 5 premium audios for life with a one time payment of  only $35.00.


You're Running out of TIME!

Snag this bundle NOW!

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